Muddy River Jigs

Owned and operated by Kris Brantner of Pepin, Wi. Kris fishes many local tournaments and couldn't find mass produced tackle that would hold up to the high standards of todays tournament fishing.  Skirts would fall apart after a few fish, hooks would bend out or break, and the MADE IN CHINA  jigs were just plain too expensive for how long they would last.  Muddy River Jigs looks to set the standard in tournament grade tackle. Everything is built from scratch from the best quality components right here in the USA. It all starts with a bare hook. I pour each jig one at a time then file them smooth to get rid of the mold marks. They are then powder painted, and baked at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. After they are allowed to cool, on some models eyes are super glued on. A clear coat is then applied to every jig I make ensure the jig is even more chip resistant.  Jig skirts are then meticulously hand-tied with waxed thread to ensure they wont fall apart or slide down the hook. The final touch is gluing in the weed guards by hand so they line up perfectly with the hook.   With the option to color match or build your own custom skirt patterns, Muddy River Jigs are unlike anything you can find online or in the big box stores.


The hand tied difference.


Anyone can make a jig with a rubber band or a piece of copper wire. My jigs are hand tied with waxed thread to ensure a jig that lasts fish after fish and will NEVER fall down the hook. The skirt flares out much more for more pulsating action.  It lets you create intricate patterns by placing sometimes one or two pieces of material in key spots.  Skirt material lays even so no more bunching up on one side of the jig.  All in all it's just a better way to make a jig!!!

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Kris Brantner

N1311 County Road CC

Pepin, Wi 54759

Ph: 715-495-4323